The occupancy schedules for the buildings have a large impact on the overall energy cost. The standards like ASHRAE 90.1 and NECB allows designers, with the approval of the authority having jurisdiction, to select reasonable schedules for the building. Both standards have recommended the percent of maximum load for each hour for different use types. 

To adjust the fraction format implemented by ASHRAE 90.1 User Manual and NECB Manual into the cove.tool occupancy format, the average was calculated to determine total number of active hours for the proposed building. The remaining hours can be added to unoccupied hours tab

An example for office building type can be seen below:

As it can be seen that the active hours per week are 48.60 for office building type according to ASHRAE 90.1 user manual. To convert it to cove.tool format, these hours are divided equally among the number of days occupied during the week. For example the present auto-populated schedule considers occupancy from Monday to Friday 9.72 10 hours for the office category.

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