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How to format the automated PDF Report
How to format the automated PDF Report

FAQ: My report looks strange, is cut-off, or is missing graphics, how do I fix that?

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Try these steps to get your report looking it's best.

If graphics and diagrams appear to be missing in your pdf report...

  1. Check if you are using a supported browser to use features. Compatible Browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge (does not include Internet Explorer).

  2. Make sure you have the "Show Headers and Footers" and "Background Graphics" options selected when you print the pdf report. The language of these options will change depending on the browser you are using, but most first-time downloads will require users to select a show graphics option before always defaulting to include them. Example of a Chrome Browser print pdf page, below

If your report is cutting-off images or not formatting properly to fit the letter/tabloid size...

  1. Change your destination/printer settings to something other than Save as PDF. In the image below we use the option Abode PDF. Any PDF reader app you have should suffice.

  2. With a new destination selected a More Setting dropdown should appear. In this dropdown, fin the Scale property and change it from Default to Custom. Now, re-size the document to 80%. Pages and diagrams will fit the PDF size.

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