Appliance Use is the input for electrical equipment that will be used within a building. The Appliance Use inputs are used in conjunction with the occupancy schedules to determine the annual Equipment EUI. The heat given off by appliances is also included in the buildings cooling load and will impact the annual Cooling EUI.

Appliance Use (Occupied Hrs): Appliance intensity during occupied hours. These can include things that turn on after the occupants arrive, like computer monitors, coffee machine etc. 

Appliance Use (Unoccupied Hrs): Appliance intensity during unoccupied hours. These can include things that don't turn off after the occupants leave, like servers, refrigerators etc. 

The Appliance Use input is located on the Baseline page, under the Usage and Schedules tab.

Appliance use is also sometimes referred to as plug load, receptacle power, or miscellaneous load.

The following table from ASHRAE 90.1-2013 User's Manual (Table G-C) contains the recommendations for Appliance Use Density values for different building types:

The default value for appliance use for the use types such as Apartments (Mid-Rise and High-Rise) and Single-Family Home have been determined after the calibration with respective Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) building prototypes.

Further information on typical appliance use for buildings, or wattage of specific equipment (such as kitchen appliances) can be found in ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook or CIBSE Guides.

For more information on kitchens see this paper which lists the energy consumption in MBtu/yr for common kitchen appliances:

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