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Mixed-Use Projects in drawing.tool
Mixed-Use Projects in drawing.tool

Introduction to the general workflow for creating mixed-use projects in drawing.tool

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When creating a new mixed-use project using drawing.tool, only select one use type template on the project information page. After selecting a use template, save and continue to the drawing.tool interface.

In drawing.tool, as you model your mixed-use project, you are able to assign room templates to individual rooms. After assigning templates, the values will be used for loadmodeling.tool and to compute the area-weighted averages needed for baseline energy and cost vs. energy optimization.

After exporting the drawing.tool model to 3D Analysis and/or loadmodeling.tool, you can proceed with the usual project workflow. Please note that this method will only show one use-type tab in baseline energy and cost vs. energy optimization, but you can be confident that the room templates are being accounted for in the final results!

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