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Is there a cove.tool training program/certification?

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What is cove.tool academy?

The cove.tool academy is a library of resources for those looking to become cove.tool experts. This self-paced course is broken up into bite-sized lessons to allow you to learn and explore at your own pace. Complete the quizzes and pass the final test with a passing score to earn certification. The first two courses launched in mid-2022 and are a great way to quickly upskill yourself on the key concepts and functionality of cove.tool's products.

Course 1: Introduction to Building Performance Analysis

Estimated Length: 45 min - 60 min

This beginner to analysis.tool course will cover everything you need to know to get started with using cove.tool and high-performance design. By the end of the course, you learn how to create a project in cove.tool, run environmental analysis, and optimize your project for both energy and cost. There are 8 sections with several alternative learning paths based on your preferred workflow.

Tracking Progress

As attendees accomplish each section, all progress will be recorded on your course dashboard. After each course, you will receive a certification showcasing your accomplishments.

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