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Product Listing in revgen.tool
Product Listing in revgen.tool
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As a part of the cove.tool building analysis experience, our architects, designers, and engineers have access to thousands of building products and assemblies' information. By including your products and assemblies within our cove.tool Building Materials Database, your products will be in front of design teams to not only gain visibility but also allow these teams to simulate the products in their current projects. Architects and engineers can quantify how your products directly impact their projects, helping them easily make informed product decisions.

Where can we see Branded (Manufacturer) Products and Assemblies?

Assembly Builder

In the Assembly Builder, assemblies that stem from a revgen.tool partnerships are listed in the Assembly Library section and can be visually identified by the manufacturer's logo.

Individual products can be found under the Assembly Details, under the layer editor. When an architect or designer searches for a product, they will find the branded product by selecting the product category and type, then the manufacturer.

Product details, such as thickness, embodied carbon, and other performance values will be automatically disabled from editing. Cost will be enabled for editing, in the event that a client received a direct quote from a manufacturer.

Marketing App

In the Marketing App, a manufacturer's product and/or assembly can be found in the second step of the app, the Product Selection step. Using a set of filters that are sensitive to the product parameters, potential prospects can find a product or assembly that best fits their project needs, and run the simulation directly within the Marketing App. The simulation produces a lead, which can be tracked through the Sales Dashboard.

Sales App

Similar to the Marketing App, a manufacturer's product and/or assembly can be found in the Sales App as a dropdown. This will pull a list of all of the manufacturer's products and/or assemblies that have been added to the cove.tool Building Materials Database. Using this feature, a sales team user can provide the same level of results for their client who contacted them outside of the Marketing App.

Product Listing and cove.tool Leads

Listing a manufacturer's product has many benefits for architects, designers, and engineers, such as information transparency. There are also additional benefits for Building Product Manufacturers.

  1. When a product or assembly is used in a cove.tool project, a manufacturer can see the project within the cove.tool Leads through a custom filter. Custom filters can be set per product line or per individual product. Custom filters are available for each manufacturer upon request.

  2. For Building Product Manufacturers who are closely engaged with design teams through Design Assist or a similar process, having products or assemblies integrated within the cove.tool Building Materials Database facilitates the product simulation easily. Design Assist team members may no longer need to manually input individual product parameters in order to generate accurate simulation, since the product/assembly data is already a part of the database. They simply need to select the product, and run the simulation.

  3. Listing a manufacturer's product or assembly in the cove.tool Building Materials Database promotes brand recognition and increases visibility in front of target audience.

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