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The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) publishes a dataset called Cambium that models hourly emission and operational data for the US as based on NREL’s Standard Scenarios . These scenarios capture projects on grid decarbonization, for instance a 95% reduction in grid-related emissions by 2050, and use the Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS) model published by NREL.

This data is invaluable as we explore the future of grid decarbonization in the US and the world beyond. On our platform, it is used as a basis for the building lifetime operational carbon calculation (Module B6) in the US. By integrating the Cambium dataset into your projects operational carbon calculations, we provide the full view of your projects lifetime emissions.

You can read more about the Cambium data sets here, and check out NREL's Cambium Viewer to interact with the data.

You can also read more about how we use the Cambium data sets in lifetime operational carbon projections and grid decarbonization.

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