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Carbon Feature Excel Report

Embodied Carbon, Excel Report, Carbon Report

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The Carbon Feature allows you to export your embodied carbon analysis results to an Excel format. You can find the report download button on the fourth page of the Carbon Feature on the results page.

The report is broken into two pages. On the first page, you will find key information about your project materials which reflects the line items and EPD selections shown on page 3: EPD Assignment.

These columns include:

  • Section Name (Interior, Enclosure, Substructure, or Superstructure)

  • Category (Beam, Column, Wall Assembly, Fenestration, etc.)

  • Material Name

  • Quantity

  • Quantity Unit

  • Estimation Factor

  • Strength (if applicable)

  • Strength Unit (if applicable)

  • Selected EPD (as displayed from EC3)

  • EPD Link to EC3

  • Baseline Source (CLF or EC3)

  • Achievable Carbon for each line item (total GWP for each material and quantity)

  • Baseline Carbon for each line item (baseline GWP for each material and quantity)

  • Percentage of Total Achievable Carbon for each line item

  • Percentage of Total Baseline Carbon for each line item

The second sheet includes results, reflecting page 4 in the Carbon Feature. These results include the total embodied carbon, broken down between achievable and baseline values with reduction, the system breakdowns, and the detailed embodied carbon profiles for each section.

Together, the numerical and percentage results on both sheets contain the necessary information to recreate graphics similar to those shown on the results page in the Carbon Feature.

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