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Embodied Carbon: Baseline vs Achievable
Embodied Carbon: Baseline vs Achievable

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In the embodied carbon feature, two values for carbon are shown in the project carbon profile. These values, achievable and baseline, are generated based on your project geometry, the EPDs selected in the project, and baselines as defined by the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) and EC3 databases.

Achievable Carbon

The achievable carbon value is based on your selected inputs. This includes the EPDs selected on the EPD Assignment page, as well as any edits to quantities or factors made on the same page. This is a measure of the actual global warming potential of your project.

Baseline Carbon

The baseline carbon value is based on the CLF baselines as selected in the Advanced Inputs tab. This is a measure of your project's baseline according to industry standards. You can choose from the CLF High, Medium, or Low baseline. You can read more about those baselines here.

If a material does not have a baseline from the CLF data, the category average from EC3, the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) database is used instead. You can see which baseline is being used when selecting EPDs on the EPD Selection Page

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