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Product Cost

Where does the cost data for products and assemblies come from?

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Within the cove.tool Products and Assembly Database, performance, embodied carbon, and cost data points are available for each products and assemblies. This article specifically focuses on the cost data and its source.

Generic Product Cost

For products that are generic, meaning, detached from a particular manufacturer, the cost data is derived from cove.tool's internal cost database. These costs represent industry average cost for the same or similar products. The cost is updated annually as a result of cove.tool's annual Construction Market Study.

In the Assembly Builder, the cost of generic products is represented in black text, as seen below.

Manufacturer Product Cost

For products that are specific to certain manufacturers, there are two sources of cost.

Manufacturer Provided Cost

Manufacturer-provided cost is represented in black text, as seen below.

Industry Average Cost

For some manufacturer products, the cost is based on an industry average for a product similar to the manufacturer's product. This cost is represented in red text. For specific product cost, contact the manufacturer to estimate a more precise cost.

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