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How to use Object Visibility toggles in drawing.tool
How to use Object Visibility toggles in drawing.tool
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Object visibility toggles allow users to control the display of Building Elements and Tags within a model. By toggling object visibility, users can easily focus on specific element types, hide distracting components, which helps select specific elements of interest. You can find these Visibility Toggles under the Settings panel in drawing.tool


There are three types of Object Visibility toggles:

  1. Building Elements:
    Includes elements in the model created by using Primitive lines/Masses or Building Element Object types.

  2. Annotation:

    Includes dynamic dimensioning , Room name and Number Assignments.

  3. Uploads:
    Includes imported Images or .dxf files.

How to use Visibility Toggles?

Follow the steps below to utilize the object visibility toggles available in drawing.tool.

  1. In 2D or 3D view, Navigate to the Settings tab from the left sidebar properties panel.

  2. Locate the Object Visibility section, use the blue radio buttons to either "Hide all" elements of that type or "Reveal All" elements of that object type.

    Note: When working on large projects with numerous rooms, hiding the "Dynamic dimensions" will help improve the performance of the model.

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