Geometry creation is a significant chunk of work while performing energy analysis. To support interoperability, the platform enables users to export the built model in three different formats. This helps users to perform further calculations without the need for remodeling and saves a great amount of time.

Follow the steps mentioned below to import project geometry while using the DesignBuilder application:

  1. In loadmodeling.tool, go to the Settings Page.

  2. Click on 'Export Building Analysis Model'

  3. A zipped folder will be downloaded to your system. A number of files including the EnergyPlus .idf file will be available in the folder.

  4. Open DesignBuilder Application and import the .idf file by selecting 'File' > 'Import' > 'Import IDF File' menu command.

The IDF import gets the building geometry and materials and construction data in the IDF file and transports that into the DesignBuilder project. The platform exports the EnergyPlus file with version 9.5 and it is supported by the DesignBuilder application.

Happy Modeling!

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