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A Revit Phase or Phasing is used to align the timeline of construction stages in the project with the model geometry. When generating cove.tool views for export, phasing may interrupt what geometry is filtered or skipped. This article showcases how to set up your Revit phasing for cove.tool plugin compatibility.

By default, Revit creates two phases: Existing and New Construction. In your model geometry, each 3D view has its own Phase status (from the project phases) and a phase filter. Phase Filters depict how the phases are displayed in each view. To choose how a phase will be displayed you can edit the Phase filters table that can be found under the Manage > Phases Panel.

The cove.tool plugin filters your model geometry based on the Current active Phase & Phase Filter when generating the cove.tool 3D views.

If your project model has a phasing setup you would want to change the Phase Filter to 'Show Complete' as this shows existing + new construction elements and removes anything that has been set to be demolished in the project.

If you would like to export geometry to be analyzed from a different phase, have that Phase active in the project browser. If geometry has not been assigned by phases follow the steps as shown below before creating your cove.tool views.

  1. Select one geometry category at a time (ex. ext walls, floors, roofs), under the phasing tab of the Properties panel reassign the phase by selecting the phase from the Phase created dropdown menu.

  2. Once the geometry has been reassigned to the appropriate project phases, have a generic 3D view open and select the project Phase under Phasing of the Project browser, this will display geometry visible in this phase.

  3. Move over to the cove.tool plug-in and select create cove.tool views to have your 3D views created for that particular phase.

Happy modeling!!

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