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Using Design Options in Revit for cove.tool
Using Design Options in Revit for cove.tool

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User Question: Can I use Design Options to export model iterations to cove.tool?

Short answer: Yes, but the design option must be set to primary before filtering 3D Views and exporting.

Long answer: We recommend you avoid design options for major geometry changes. For investigating major design decisions, such as alternative façade ideas, we recommend creating two models and uploading each model into its own cove.tool project to compare different strategies.

What are Design Options?

A design option set is a collection of possible solutions for a particular design problem. Each design option set contains one primary option and one or more secondary options. For example, you can create one design option set to show different designs for the entry of a building. Revit Design options are used to pick one design solution among many which is under consideration. By default all views will display the Main Model and Primary Design Option geometry which will be considered by the Revit plug-in while creating the cove.tool views. All Geometry that is not assigned to a Design Option is considered to be part of the Main Model.

The Main Model contains the entire Revit model excluding any Design Options.
Note that the main model cannot reference geometry from a Secondary Design Option.

To use geometry from a Design Option with cove.tool, the chosen design option must be set to primary in order for it to be filtered into the respective cove.tool views.

Below are the steps to be followed to set your design option as primary.

  1. Under the Manage Tab select the Design Options Panel.

  2. Within the Design Options dialogue box, under the created option sets select the option that will be chosen option for your geometry and select the “Apply Primary” function.

  3. If you want to change the primary option to another alternative option select the new option and choose “Make Primary” option within the design options window.

If you are needing additional guidance, reach out to the app's BIM Support Team via the intercom chat feature (blue circle on bottom right hand corner of the tool).

Happy Modeling!

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