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How to request custom templates for your team?

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To request a custom template please follow these steps:

Review the existing custom template library

In addition to our 7 base building types, the team has created 8 additional custom templates for your use. Please review the base building types and the additional custom template types that are available to use.

Our base building types include:
a. Office
b. Hotel
c. Education
d. Apartments
e. Labs
f. Single Family Home
g. Hospital

Additionally, here are some available custom templates guides:

If your building is any of these building types, follow the step-by-step guide to recreate your custom template in 5-10 minutes.

Request custom templates

If your building type does not match any of the building types above, you can request a custom template by filling out your request and sending it over to your dedicated customer success manager. Note: This request cannot be made under trial or academic accounts

  1. Send a filled out "Template Request" file to your dedicated customer success manager.

  2. The customer success manager may reach out for any additional information. If no additional information is needed, they will reach out with follow-up steps to create custom templates. Allow up to 3 business days for each template type request.

Note: A custom template is not a new button available on your projects page. Your team will either receive a link to the new help center article (if we find it generally helpful to all of our users) or a pdf guide (if it's hyper-specific or hyper-sensitive makeup).

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