Why is my 3D Scene not loading?

FAQ: My 3D scene takes a long time to load or never loads.

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Web-apps have many advantages such as not requiring a specialized computer to run ultra fast simulations. In very rare cases the webpage may have issues due to several specific reasons. Most projects load in less than 5 min., and no project will take more than 20 min. to load. If you find that the scene doesn't load in 20 min., read through the items below to diagnose the cause. Here are some quick tips on what to check if your 3D Scene is not loading.

Check your 3D Geometry (solves 90% of situations)

1. Only export what is needed.

Our geometry engine is robust and can handle a large variety of model formats, workflows, and completeness to match the custom workflows of all our users. Maintaining a clean modeling workflow will prevent exporting unnecessary geometry that can slow down your web page interaction. Make sure the model is thoroughly prepped according to the help articles for your plug-in. Remember, simulations are simplifications of reality and do not require all the details that have no effect on the calculations.

2. Extremely High Polygon or Triangle Count

Projects may need to upload a large number of components like shading devices or window mullions. There is no need for detailed profiles that account for the material thickness or details to run an accurate energy model or daylight analysis. We only need the main surfaces for each component. Ensure these are as simplified as possible to keep your polygon count down, which is the polygons and surfaces that make up the geometry representing your building component. MAKE IT SINGLE PLANE!

3. Slow/Sporadic Internet Connection

One reason to keep a low polycount is that your Internet connection is limited in the amount of data that can successfully pass over the web. If you have a lightning-fast Internet download speed, you are probably not reading this because every model loads great. However, the combination of a high amount of geometry to load in the scene and a slow or intermittently disrupted Internet connection can prevent the scene from loading. Refreshing the browser page, restarting the router, and/or restarting the computer (after installing any necessary operating system updates) may resolve some of the aforementioned issues. Minimum connection is about 2 to 3 Mbps.

Check your Technical Settings (solves 10% of situations)

Browser settings

  • If you are running an ad blocker or network filter (such as a PiHole), ensure that app.covetool.com is not blocked or blacklisted (depending on your settings, the cove.tool site may still load normally while another functionality is negatively impacted).

  • Ensure that JavaScript is allowed (essential for all pages). In your browser settings, search for "JavaScript", which is typically found in the Site Settings. Switch to allow if it is not already turned on.

  • Make sure your adblocker is not blocking app.covetool.com from loading popups, etc. Basically whitelist it.

  • Open your browser's code console, like this example for Chrome, and check if there are any JavaScript errors. There may be some warnings are as shown in the example below, but this is ok. If you see any errors, share a screenshot of the console errors in the chat and a technical team member will assist with instructions to correct.

Network Settings

  • Add "app.covetool.com" to the whitelist in your security firewall settings

  • Check your router network settings to ensure that HTTP requests to app.covetool.com are allowed

  • If you're working on a company network, connect with your IT group to ensure all plug-ins and website access are not blocked by security software and network settings.

  • If you are using a VPN or logging in remotely ensure that app.covetool.com is not blocked.


What are the computor processor requirements/minimums for running the CoveTool program. I built a model and tried to tranfer to 3D Analysis.tool and it is running so slow that I cant even move the building.

The 3D Analysis simulation shouldn't take over 20 mins to complete. If it take more than that we recommend reloading the page.

For context, since Cove.tool is a web app, it does not have specific computer processor requirements or minimums, so you don't need to install it on a particular computer.

If you're experiencing slow performance, it could be due to factors such as your network connectivity, the complexity of your geometry or browser cache. You can try checking your internet connection or reloading your page, clearing your browser cache and trying again or reducing the triangles in your geometry

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