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cove.tool automatically integrates Property Data with our 3D Visualization Page.

What is Property Line data?

Property line data is a collection of parcel attributes that range anywhere from spatial, geographical, real estate, municipal, and zoning information. Depending on your location, cove.tool's parcel data can contain up to 26 property attributes with property boundaries including APN, Land Use, School District, Market Value, Acreage, Flood Zone, Physical Address, Mailing Address, Census Tract, Census Block, and more.

Information varies by State and County.

Where is cove.tool property line source?

Cove.tool sources property parcel data from a private national database which maintains the following practices:

  1. Up-to-Date - The parcel boundary data is continuously maintained with over 90% updated within 12 months and 70% within 6 months.

  2. Coverage - Covering over 153.1 million parcels in over 3099 U.S. counties, our data solves the problems associated with non-standardized parcel data between counties, regions, and states.

  3. Accuracy – We have internal error checking processes to verify that the data that we provide to our customers is accurate and up to date.

  4. Standardization - Our data normalization and transformation processes simplify data interaction for search and full integration into your application. The standards in attribution are set at the county level and scale to the national data set.

  5. Complete Polygons – Unlike point only data, a Polygon format allows for the rendering in web and GIS applications and facilitates powerful analysis of location, area, dimensions, and neighboring properties.

How can I access the property information?

Property lines is an element visible in the 3D visualization page. Enable the icon to see a dashed outline of all available property boundaries available near the building location. Locate the parcel of your interest and click inside the dashed lines to prompt the property line table.

What is included in the data?

Below is a sample table of Property Data.

How can I download the list?

Click and drag inside the pop-up list to select the data you wish to collect. Copy and paste inside the desired document or table.

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