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Giraffe Plugin Workflow for 3D Mode, Daylight, and Energy
Giraffe Plugin Workflow for 3D Mode, Daylight, and Energy

FAQ: Is there a Giraffe Plug-in connection for 3d mode, daylight, energy?

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Yes! Follow along with these easy steps to link your project between Giraffe and a cove.tool analysis. Once you have understood this workflow it should take less than 5 minutes to connect these two amazing tools together.

Watch this video demonstration from Rob Asher at Giraffe to see the process in action!

Written Guide

  1. Begin, by creating a Giraffe project.

2. Click on the settings button.

3. Then go to admin app

4. Search the name of your project, then click on SHOW.

5. Click on apps

6. Click 'Add App' then search for 'covetool' and click SAVE. Navigate back to your Giraffe project and refresh. You will see a 'covetool' app in the Data tab under This Projects Apps

7. In cove.tool create a project - copy the project URL, it should match the pattern<NUMBER>/change/

8. Fill out the first page, Giraffe will handle it from the Geometry section onward.

9. In Giraffe, in the data tab, click on the 3 dots next to cove.tool app and click edit. This is the hard bit! Paste the URL of the cove.tool project into the coveProject key under input. Make sure the URL is wrapped in quotation marks.

10. Go back to the cove.tool app, click on the 3 dots, and click run. You are done!

Go to cove.tool and click on one of the analysis tab to get your results!

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