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How to report a cove.tool project to an existing 2030 ddx project?
How to report a cove.tool project to an existing 2030 ddx project?
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User: I want to import the projects we currently have in the 2030 DDx to cove.tool, please let me know the best way to do this.

  • Solution: The projects that you create in the 2030 ddx, can be directly linked to cove.tool and updated from cove.tool using the ddx "Project ID" and the cove.tool "Project Number". This will allow the user to automatically track the 2030 commitment.

Step 1: Open both the AIA 2030 DDX for this project and the cove.tool project page. Copy the Project ID from the AIA 2030 site, like in the image below, and paste it to the cove.tool prompted Project Number input in the project details page.

Step 2: To sync the projects, click the Update 2030 DDX button from the Baseline Page. That's the step which will link your cove.tool project to the 2030 DDx Site. Image below.

Below is a list of all information that is transmitted from cove.tool to 2030 ddx:

  • Project Name

  • project Id

  • project Phase

  • Responsible Party For Energy Model

  • Energy Code

  • Reporting Year

  • City

  • State

  • Zipcode

  • Country

  • Climate Zone

  • Baseline EUI

  • Predicted EUI

  • Energy Modeling Tool

  • Lighting Power Density

  • Window To Wall Ratio

  • Renewables

  • Occupancy Sensors Included

  • Daylighting Sensors Included

  • Chiller Type

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