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Truckloads of Ice Saved with Proposed Design
Truckloads of Ice Saved with Proposed Design

Buildings contribute to 40% of carbon emissions. Scientist have shown a direct relationship between carbon emissions and glacial ice melt

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To help a user to understand the environmental impact of their building's, cove.tool has added the metric "Truck Loads of Ice Saved". Based on a research paper titled "Limited influence of climate change mitigation on short-term glacier mass loss" by Ben Marzeion and team, it was concluded for each kg of CO2e released an equivalent 15 kg of glaciers ice melts. To visualize this loss based on your building's emissions, 15kg of melted glacier ice is the equivalent size (in volume) of a standard 53' trailer, aka semi-truck.

Additional research findings across the world have showcased numbers in a similar ballpark. To locate this metric, look at the CO2 Reduction% graph on the Baseline energy page (shown below).

For those looking for other units to visualize their carbon emissions, try the EPA's GHGs Equivalencies Calculator. The greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator can help you understand the abstract measurements of CO2e in concrete everyday terms, such as the annual emissions from cars, households, and power plants.

Please note that these estimates are approximate and intended for communication purposes. They should not be used for emission inventories, formal carbon footprints, or formal emissions analysis.

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