Thermal Energy Demand Intensity (TEDI) is the annual heating energy demand for space conditioning and conditioning of ventilation air. In other words TEDI is the amount of heating energy that is output from any and all types of heating equipment per unit modeled floor area. The heating equipment include hot water, gas, heat or DX heating coils of central air system and any other equipment used for space conditioning and ventilation. Also, heating output of any heating equipment whose source of heat is not directly provided by a utility must be counted towards the TEDI. 

TEDI can be formulated as the summation of space and ventilation heating output divided by modeled floor area. TEDI shall be reported in kWH/m2/year. Only the state of British Columbia in Canada utilizes the TEDI to improve building envelope performance.

cove.tool automatically calculates the TEDI when the project is in Canada. 

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