Users can very easily create a mixed-use project in cove.tool. Begin a new project, select up to 3 building types, and upload your building geometry in sections indicative of their project use. Once you have completed those steps, control panels will appear on the left side screen to maneuver between building types so users can edit and differentiate their inputs and view their corresponding results.

1. Log in and Create a Project 

Login to cove.tool and start a new project. After adding a Project name and number, the row of use types will be available for selection. Select up to 3 building templates. 

02//   Complete Geometry Details
Enter your building geometry for each use type. Make sure not to double count any building components when entering envelope area information.  Use the Revit, Sketchup or Rhino/ Grasshopper Plug-in, to export your mixed-use building geometry into our web-app interface. Find the Mixed-Use Export Tutorials below for each plugin. 

03//   Review Project Benchmarks and Results
Review the whole buildings baseline energy and cost results as well as the individual use-types performance results. 

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