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We are excited to offer new, more flexible options to our analysis.tool community. Firms can now choose between two subscription plans when signing up, making it easy to have the best first for your firm. Let's review what is included in the Essential Plan and the Professional Plan.

The Essential Plan is offered on a fixed user basis (up to 5 users), with each seat getting up to 20 projects and two plugin integrations. With these seats, users will have full access to the Water Use tool, drawing.tool (and 2D geometry inputs), day lighting and radiation analyses, energy modeling with the Baseline Energy model, and a simplified version of our carbon feature, including a Basic EPD library.

The Professional Plan will allow users to make a greater impact on projects with flexible floating licenses that have no user, project, or plugin integration cap. For more detail on the floating licenses see here.

In addition, the Professional Plan tier will allow full access to analysis.tool, including the optimization feature, the history tracking log feature, API access, and advanced access to carbon and EPD Library.

All current subscribers automatically have the Professional Plan and will see no change to their access.

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