EnergyPlus upgrade to 22.2.0

The simulation engine used by loadmodeling.tool was upgraded to 22.2.0 on April 19, 2023

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EnergyPlus is the core simulation engine used by loadmodeling.tool and performances all the heating and cooling load calculations, along with sub-hourly energy consumption. The engine performs thousands of other functions as well, all to represent a building performance. The engine uses physics based simulations of the building envelope, mechanical systems, occupants, and more to arrive at the peak and coincident load values engineers use to size mechanical systems, and the energy consumed in the building.

This April we are upgrading the version of EnergyPlus from 9.5 to 22.2 (imported to note that EnergyPlus has change their version numbering scheme to reflect year it was released). This upgrade brings a myriad and improvements, new features, and defect repairs to the engine. Highlighted here are just a few of the hundreds of updates that are incorporated into the platform! See the links at the end of this article for the full change logs.

Upgrading the simulation engine is no easy task and the team at cove.tool has work diligently to implement, and test the update reflects all the expected changes and that no unexpected changes to inputs or results have occurred. This comes in the form of a full Functional Performance Test (FPT) which is carried out ahead of releasing the upgrade for our users. The upgrade will be live in the coming weeks! Once live the version uses on the platform will be

  • EnergyPlus: Version 9.5 upgrades to 22.2.0

  • OpenStudio SDK: Version 3.2.1 upgrades to 3.5.1

  • OpenStudio Application: Version 1.2.1 upgrades to 1.5.0

New Features Highlights

  • Dedicated general exhaust systems

  • Allow running just load calculations

  • Enhancement to Resilience Metrics

  • Latent only zone sizing

  • Run-around heat recovery loop

  • Add Space(Room) concept to Zones

  • Allow zone HVAC to draw return air

  • Waterside economizer coil

Performance Enhancements Highlights

  • Exterior solar surface performance tweaks

  • Update MovingAvg function

  • Solar and thermal absorptance calculation

  • Improve performance of file reading/writing

Defects Repaired Highlights

  • Fix EPW parsing

  • Site:WaterMainsTemperature correction

  • Fix integrated Heat Pump output variable

  • Correct CAV Reheat coiling sizing

  • Avoid 'not fully enclosed' warning when zone is enclosed

  • Fix AirLoop Coincident Peak reporting

  • Fix CheckConvexity not removing collinear points consistently

  • All fan placement in any location of airloop

  • DX Cooling Coil cleanup

  • Psychrometric calculation

  • On-Off fan not reporting energy use

  • Removed unused availability managers

  • Consolidate HVAC radiant surface variables

  • Documentation Fixes

Full Change Logs

How does this impact my projects?

All simulations run prior to the update will be version 9.5 of EnergyPlus. Downloading the simulation history of runs completed prior to the update will remain in version 9.5 as well. All simulations run after the update will be in version 22.2 and the exported EnergyPlus files will reflect the new version.

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