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Elevators and Escalators are parts of Auxiliary equipment in buildings that use a considerable amount of energy. This energy use can be drastically more when elevators are transporting passengers compared to standby mode.

Using loadmodeling.tool, users can model the energy use of elevators and escalators by identifying the peak power of the installed equipment on the Auxiliary Input Page. Elevators & Escalators are a one of the Aux Input Types that will be found in the catalog.

Once added to the project, each component will include the following inputs:

  • Peak Power kW: This value represents the peak power use for the elevators or escalators during operation.

  • Elevator & Escalator Schedule: This field connects the elevator & escalator to a schedule which controls when the component is active. This schedule can be modified or a new one created via the Schedules page.

Note: a typical schedule based on ASHRAE Standard 90.1 2016 Performance Rating Method is assigned by default.

Once defined, annual energy use as well as hourly energy use for elevators and escalators can be reviewed by navigating to Energy use and Time Series viewer page. Note that this auxiliary input does not produce sizing results of any kind.

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