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Chiller Performance Curves, Packaged DX Performance Curves

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Performance of individual pieces of equipment can have large impact on the energy performance of a building. For example a chiller with a favorable performance curve will deliver excellent energy savings in the mild seasons (spring and fall) over one that has poor part load efficiency. To capture this important detail we are bringing performance curves onto the platform in the same easy to use fashion as other components such as schedules and systems.

What Performance Curves will be available?

The initial release will include curves for Air Cooled Chillers, Water Cooled Chillers and Packaged DX components. A Default library will be included, along with the functionality to create, save, and reuse curves from manufacturers. Curve types will include biquadratic and quadratic, and define various relationships. For example, chillers will include a capacity to temperature curve, an energy to temperature curve and energy to part load ratio curve.

How will the Performance Curves be accessed and assigned?

Curves will be located on a dedicated page that will allow full customization. This page will hold the large amount of detailed required to define each curve. Additional inputs will be added to the Mechanical Plants and Air System input pages to connect curves to the equipment. Performance curves will be an optional input into the model and are best suited for final energy simulations when the equipment is known and high level of detail is required. A default will always be included for quick modeling and assigning a performance curve will be optional.

Preview of Performance Curve Page (final version pending)

Preview of Performance Curve Page (final version pending)

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