There are many aspects of a buildings' energy use that are not part of the Rooms, Zones, and geometry that make up the majority of an Energy Model. These includes items like the Service Hot Water, Elevators and Escalators, Exterior Lighting, and other process loads like garage fans. To complete the modeling of the building a dedicated interface will cover all these Auxiliary Inputs.

How are Inputs Accessed and Used?

All inputs will be available in a similar format to the Air Systems and Mechanical Plants. A catalog full of templates will enable quick creation of standard approaches to each input type. Users will be able to save and reuse their own templates. Once added to models, auxiliary results will be included in standard reports and the time Series Viewer.

What Inputs will be available?

The first release will include Service Hot Water modeling with Electric or Gas Storage and Electric Instantaneous systems. Each system can be customized based on the sizing criteria, equipment, and pumping. Inputs can be saved and reused via Personal and Firm Templates.

Preview of new Service Hot Water Modeling (final version pending)

Preview of new Service Hot Water Modeling (final version pending)

Stay tuned for more information ahead of the launch early 2023!

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