Whole building energy modeling is a powerful tool for engineers, architects, energy modelers, and owners to understand the performance of their projects over a year. The results from these yearly simulations can be used to calculate Energy Use Intensity (EUI), Operational Costs, Operational Carbon, and more! Models run in loadmodeling.tool produce energy results from the powerful EnergyPlus engine which are used for the annual energy reports.

What results will be available?

Energy results by end use will be available at the building / site level. In the interface these include:

  • Heating

  • Humidification

  • Cooling

  • Heat Rejection

  • Interior Equipment

  • Interior Lighting

  • Pumps

  • Fans

  • Service Hot Water

EnergyPlus produces thousands more data points which will all be included into the interface over time. This ranges from Zone parameters such as temperature and cooling load, to system and plant performance.

How will the results be accessed?

Energy Results can be accessed via standard graphs and reports on the Results Page. Four graphs will provide the Annual Site Energy Breakdown, the Monthly End Use Breakdown, the Annual Load Profile, and the Operational Costs. Results can be exported to PDF and Excel Reports.

Preview of Energy Reporting Page (final version pending)

Preview of Energy Reporting Page (final version pending)

Time Series energy and other results are also available in a dedicated viewer. The viewer provides access to the massive database of results produced by the simulation. Individual variables can be selected for graphing, or select from a series of helpful presets. All data is shown via a line graph with customized ranges. Selected data sets can also be exported into Excel.

Preview of Time Series Viewer (final version pending)

Stay tuned for more information ahead of the launch early 2023!

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