Version 4.0 unlocks Ventilation Calculations on the platform along with several quality of life enhancements. With v4.0 engineers can now track their previous runs via Simulation History, view warnings direct from EnergyPlus that may be impacting their results, all with a quicker run time thanks to our server parallelization.

Core Updates

Additional Updates

How does this improve my workflow?

Version 4.0 opens up new reporting for engineers using the platform. For projects that require reporting of their ventilation calculations to authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) or certifications like LEED can use the new Ventilation Calculation Reports. The Ventilation Calculation Tool also connects directly to the Load Model allowing engineers to size systems based on highly detail calculations! When running complex model, engineers now get actionable warnings direct from the EnergyPlus engine, reducing troubleshooting time significantly. With the Simulation History, the tedious task of tracking project performance over time is handled automatically!

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