Version 3.0 unlocks Mechanical Plant Sizing on the platform. Sizing for this final piece of mechanical equipment within a HVAC system provides the complete range of reports engineers need to select equipment and complete their designs! Mechanical Plants include Heating and Cooling types denoting the sources these plants can be assigned to on Air Systems.

Core Updates

Additional Updates

  • Performance enhancements for drawing.tool

  • Assign Heating and Cooling plants to Air Systems

  • Automated QA testing, verifying over 1,000 data points weekly

  • Automated early design workflow via Ideal Air Loads

  • Multiple load sizing workflows based on project needs

How does this improve my workflow?

Version 3.0 provides three level of result reporting: Zones, Air Systems and Mechanical Plants. This allow engineers to size the zone level equipment such as VAV boxes and FCU, central equipment such as AHU and DOAS, and central mechanical plants such as boilers and chillers. With an all-in-one solutions teams can deliever load results faster and proceed to other design tasks sooner. Automation built into the platform allows for early loads to be completed with ease, then as project progresses detail can be added to produce construction documentation level sizing reports!

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