Version 2 comes with a lot of additional functionality and performance improvements to further improve the HVAC design experience. Of course since loadmodeling.tool is an online platform there is no software to download or file to upgrade, everything is live on your projects today!

Core Updates

  • The Project Data Editor has been added, providing detailed access to create and assign Zones.

  • HVAC Zones have been added, allowing the grouping and rooms and assignment to Air Systems.

  • Air Systems have been added, including detailed assignment of inputs and detail load results per system.

  • Upgrade simulation engine to OpenStudio version 3.2.1 and EnergyPlus version 9.5

Additional Updates

  • Performance enhancements for drawing.tool

  • Corrected weather files for various locations

  • Improved error handling & warning messages throughout

  • Simulation run time optimization

  • Input validation

  • Back end - automated testing

How does this improve my workflow?

Version 2 allows for even more sizing to completed directly in the platform and brings projects closer to completion.

If you are using the .osm and .idf files included with the Building Analysis Model export these have been upgraded to version 3.2.1 and 9.5 respectively. In order to work with these files on your local machine you'll need to install the 1.2.1 version of the OpenStudio application (don't worry this comes with the required version of EnergyPlus). You can access the latest version on

Room results are now Zone results. This is a large part of the version 2 upgrade and aligns the tool with both standard practice and the functional behavior of EnergyPlus. When running the simulation rooms are assigned to zones, for which the result peak loads are reported. With the new Project Data Editor, zones can be explicitly defined as groups of rooms that make them up. If results are required in the a one zone = one room fashion, this can be accomplished by creating zones from rooms automatically.

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