Incase you were wondering whether you can assign different material properties to your project on cove.tool, that's totally possible!
We suggest two ways for going about this:

  1. Manually calculating area weighted averages for relevant Building Element properties and assigning these on the Baseline Energy Page.

  2. Alternatively, a smart way to go forward would be to assign material properties to spaces within your project on the drawing.tool. The surfaces that can be automatically calculated are the roof, walls, glazing, skylight and spandrels.

Here is a step by step workflow that talks about assigning material properties to elements using the drawing.tool:

Step 1: In the 2D view on drawing.tool, select the rooms whose properties you want to edit.

Step 2: Edit the Room properties from the panel on the right hand side. Press enter to save newly assigned values.

Once all the values have been edited, proceed by saving the project and exporting it to 3D analysis from the 3D view in drawing.tool. From there, the next step would be to check the updated values on the baseline energy page. The values on Baseline energy page will now reflect the room properties updated from drawing.tool.

In the case where rooms have different values for the same room property, the area-weighted average is taken into account for the respective fields and the same is reflected on the Baseline Energy page as well.

Complete Step-by-step Workflow for editing Baseline values from drawing.tool:

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