Choosing the right HVAC system for your proposed design is really important since it has direct impact on the level of comfort and utility bills. The decision for choosing the system is easier when you have an estimate of heating and cooling loads of the proposed building. 

cove.tool with it's unique algorithm gives you the ability to test out different HVAC systems to see the impact on energy performance in the design phase. Also, It refers to the Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV) curve when you select a system in cove.tool which helps in determining the chiller capacity modulation. Also, each system parameters are different when it comes to specific fan power, fan flow control factor, IPLV and heating and cooling efficiencies. cove.tool automates all these inputs once you select a system according to the building type and project location to make this process really smooth. 

Following graph includes the results from a case study in which different HVAC systems have been tested for a PNNL Large Office building prototype located in Atlanta, GA.

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