To create a custom template please follow these steps:

1.Start a new project.                                                                                                        
In the project page, users are prompted to select from an existing list of building type templates. Select the building type nearest to your actual use type. Our base building types include:
a. Office
b. Hotel
c. Education
d. Apartments
e. Labs
f. Single Family Home
g. Hospital

Note: Read this article to learn more about building types. If you would like assistance confirming which project template to begin with, feel free to reach out to the support team in the live-chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. 

2.Check the "convert to template" checkbox.
This ensures that your template is given access to everyone in your business. The project will be locked for everyone other than the owner of the project. This template project can be duplicated once the template is complete.

3. Complete Geometry Page
Enter Building Geometry manually or with a plugin. If you are creating a general template with no real project that is being references, then using dummy geometry inputs should be sufficient towards unlocking the remainder of the cove.tool pages. Also when mocking up the dummy inputs, using a floor area size typical for your use-type projects will help better accurately auto fill the initial engineering inputs.

4. Continue to the Baseline Energy page
Here users can change the name of the use type by editing the text in the tab title-bar.  

5. Give your template a name
Under the General tab, users should select a new use-type in the 2030 Building Type input drop-down list. Selecting a new use-type will reconfigure your existing baseline to connect to a more appropriate baseline reference as provided by the 2030 DDX Database. Below is a list of all the available options. For definitions and further explanation of each building type option, check out this article

6. Last, alter the rest of your engineering inputs to fit your custom building type. Once done hit the recalculate button to apply the template changes to the entire project.

  • Note: Use this article to see how our team converted 3 existing use type templates to new custom templates which were not previously listed in cove.tool. Also feel free to reach out to the support team in the live-chat box for validating changes to the engineering inputs. 

Using and Sharing a Custom Template

To start using the template internally, follow these steps:

1.The new custom template will appear at the top of the projects list page under the header template. 

2. All the team members within the business have access to template projects and can create unlimited copies of the custom template. Click the copy button in the project summary bar, as shown below, to create a duplicate. 

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