By conditioning the outdoor air and recirculated air independently, the Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) unit effectively separates the sensible and latent loads. The DOAS unit removes the latent load to control humidity, and the main HVAC unit removes the sensible load to produce a comfortable temperature. Since the DOAS units are effective humidifiers, they help prevent sick building syndrome and mold growth. 

To model the DOAS unit in Cove.tool, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that the option for 'Exhaust Recirc. %' is set to 'None'. This will ensure that the space is getting 100% fresh air space as intended with the DOAS unit installation. The input tab can be accessed via 'Baseline Energy' > 'Building System' > 'Exhaust Recirc. %'

    2. If the DOAS system has an integrated heat recovery, it can be modeled via                   'Baseline Energy' > 'Building System' > 'Heat Recovery System'. There are 4                   different types of heat recovery systems that can be selected from the dropdown         menu. Find out more about them here.

   3. The fan energy can be adjusted using the inputs 'Fan Flow Control Factors' and            'Specific Fan Power'. Both inputs can be accessed via 'Baseline Energy' >                       'Building System'.

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