Step 1 : Make sure you have a AIA 2030 DDX account. If you don't have one, create it here:

Step 2 : Then get the 2030 DDX Firm Key and the 2030 DDX User Key by navigating to the Company profile in your DDX Dashboard. A DDx administrator will need to generate a user key.

Step 3 : Only an administrator can upload projects to the DDX Dashboard.
Login to your cove.tool account and on the top right click on your account and you will see the option Your Business. If you don't see this option you will need to ask your administrator to make you an administrator.

Step 4 : Once you are in the Your Business page, fill in the details and hit save.

Step 4 : Now you will see the update 2030 DDX button on the baseline page as shown.

Step 5 : Once your project is uploaded you should see it in your AIA 2030 DDX account. You can also keep track of all the projects uploaded on cove.tool's project page.

Step 6 : Rejoice! You just joined the mission to save the planet :)

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