So you have downloaded the Rhinoceros/Grasshopper Plugin from Food4Rhino and are now having trouble starting a project. Check out these 3 troubleshooting tips to go from installing to exporting. 

Installing Grasshopper Plugin
Before you begin, make sure you have downloaded and installed Python 2.7 , GhPython , and the latest version of the from Food4Rhino to a folder location you will remember on your hard drive. Depending on your version of Rhino this will either be “, for Rhino 5” or “, for Rhino 6”. 

  1. Before opening Grasshopper, create a new project in the cove.tool web app. The Grasshopper script will not connect properly if you do not have a cove.tool account, or do not have any projects to export geometry to. 
  2. Unzip the downloaded file, locate this file in a recognizable location like your Downloads folder or Desktop. If your Grasshopper script has already created an error like the one below (Referenced Assembly failed to load), you will have to delete the grasshopper script you already have open, and start again with a new unzipped folder.

  1. Depending on your download settings, the contents of this file will attempt to create a folder in this location:(C:\DROPBOX\COVETOOL\PLUGIN\COVETOOLGRASSHOPPERV103\, .... V104). This file path is incompatible with the Grasshopper > Assembly References Script, so users are asked to locate this file to a different location, use this script and paste into browser (%UserProfile%\Downloads\covetoolgrasshopperv104).
  2. Before opening Rhino or launching grasshopper with your new folder, Make sure all the .dll files inside the folder have their Security > Unblock boxes checked. Check this by opening the property settings of the three .dll files (Microsoft.CSharp.dll, Newtonsoft.Json,dll, System.Net.dll, **Note "GH for Rhino 6" will not need a Microsoft.CSharp.dll file, so you should only complete this step for the two .dll files). At the bottom of the General Properties tab should be a category for Security. Check the Unblock box so the files can be accessed once you have launched Grasshopper. 

Make sure all the .dll files are unblocked. If you skip this step you will receive this error inside grasshopper: "Referenced assembly failed to load" which will crash the cove login box, and will not allow the script to progress. 

4. Now you may return to Rhino, open your model and launch Grasshopper. From Grasshopper's start screen you will be prompted to open a Grasshopper Script. Open the .gh file from the folder you created in the second step. Once the GH Script has launched, follow the steps as they are numbered by section (see example below, if your sections are not color coded you may have an outdated version of the plugin). The first step (Red:1) is to enter your cove.tool user name and password. Once completed your 'Projects List' panel should populate with all the projects you have created. 

If the project list did not populate and the cove login box error-out and turned red, like in the example image below, 

then try to re-link the .dll files with the new unblock files you created. The following steps may also be necessary if the large GH command, the Cove EUI Calculator, crashes and turns red. Both will need to have the Unblock-ed .dll files updated.

1. Right click on the c# (cove login) box to open the command's options menu.

2. Select 'Manage Assemblies' to open the Referenced Assemblies list. Delete the .dll files that may already populate this folder, if there are none then proceed. Next, select "Add' to link the new unblocked .dll files from the folder you created (Remeber, 'GH for Rhino' only requires two .dll files). This step should appear like this image below.

Once you have added the new files, click OK to save. The filepaths will be updated and your login error should go away. If your Project list still hasn't populated with your projects, then check your username and password for spelling errors. If this still doesn't work then contact cove.tool support and we will check your account properties. Also double check your version of the grasshopper script, Grasshopper will only support scripts with which end with v104 or later. GHv103 is no longer supported by grasshopper, but may still be listed on Food4Rhino.

Also check out the Troubleshooting the Grasshopper Plugin article for other issues.

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