1.Can't create cove.tool Layers
(User) I am having issues with the cove.tool layer creation in SketchUp. I am following your guidelines, but it doesn’t seem to work. 

(Response) There are 2 steps necessary to get your cove.tool layers to appear with the 'create cove.tool layers command.' 

  • Explode all groups, so that only individual 'Entities' (single objects) remain. 
  • Move all envelope geometry to Layer0 (default layer). These steps should generate cove.tool layers, if some layers are missing check FAQ #3.

2. Incorrectly Layered Objects
(User) I used the 'create cove.tool layers' command and found some floors objects in the roof's layer, why? 

(Response) The SketchUp plugin filters roof, floor, window, wall, and skylight objects based on their front face properties. To have them filter into the correct object category you can flip their face to the correct direction, by right clicking the panel and selecting the 'reverse faces' option. Also it is sometimes easier to re-assign objects to the correct cove.tool layer after creating the cove.tool views. Do this by selecting the geometry and switching the object to the correct layer in the  'Entity Info' window. Option 1 (left) and option 2 (right) below. 

3. Missing Window Layers
(User) I used the 'create cove.tool layers' command and noticed no window layers were created. I modeled windows by they were not filtered, what happened? 

(Response) The SketchUp Plugin uses simple object properties differences to identify the various building components, so if there is no difference between your window and wall objects, then that may be the reason it was not filtered out. Make sure to differentiate your walls and windows by applying a translucency material to your window objects. 

4. Unable to Export
(User) I completed all the steps to set up export, then when I clicked the export button I received this error (below), what do I do next?

Read the steps to troubleshoot the export button here

4. Stuck on Daylight Page
(User) After using the 'Launch Cove.tool' command to export my geometry with the 'Sync with SketchUp' button, I save and continue. I use the daylight tool, but when I attempt to go further I get stuck on the baseline load screen, what's happening? 

(Response) This is a known problem caused by the temporary browser SketchUp launches from the plugin. This browser is not compatible beyond the daylight page, so after users have successfully exported and saved their building geometry, they should switch back to a to a local compatible web browser. Compatible Browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge (does not include Internet Explorer).

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