Starting a Multi-Use Project inside cove.tool and need help getting your building geometry from Rhino? well this article has got your back. Below is a video tutorial for taking a multi-use project from Rhino and exporting your cove.tool project using the Grasshopper Plug-in. 

Don't have 15 minutes to spare for the video, try reading these three steps instead. As described in the video, you should have your Rhino Model, the cove.tool grasshopper script, and your cove.tool project opened up side-by-side on your screen to begin. 

Step 1: Create a Multi-use project in cove.tool
>This step is accomplished on the project details page in cove.tool. Select up to three building types in order to  generate a multi-use project. These building types will breakup your building into sections as you start to specify different conditions in each building section. 

Step 2: In Rhino, Open Grasshopper and create a copy/copies of the Grasshopper script
>Once you open the cove.tool/ grasshopper script  (downloaded from, create one copy of the entire script for each building type in your multi-use project.  To do this, highlight the entire script, use ctrl+C and then ctrl+V, to create a copy of the Grasshopper script. 

Step 3: Each script copy, should be linked to a different building use type
> After adding login information to each script, link the script to each of your building use types with the "project selector" slider. Once this step is complete, you can begin your geometry export for each use-type. Make sure no geometry is double counted and keep each selection labeled for organization. 

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