So you have a bi-weekly check-in coming up with the cove.tool technical team. To make the most of your 30 minute check-in, you can go into the meeting prepared. This is covered in the first check-in meeting to help set the course for all upcoming meetings. To help with getting prepared, here is the rough agenda that every check-in meeting is based on: 

  1. Introductions (2 minutes)
  2. List of troubleshooting questions (20 Minutes) 
  3. Introduction to new features (3 minutes)
  4. Celebrate wins on specific projects and overall feedback (5 minutes)

The two parts of the agenda that you can benefit from preparation are #2 and #4. 

Preparing for #2
Since the troubleshooting part of the check-in is only 20 minutes long, the team can typically cover up to 3 specific issues. You can add your troubleshooting issue to the agenda by replying to the calendar invite directly. 

Preparing for #4
This will include going around the call and every team member will have 15-30 seconds to share their highlights and feedback. Coming prepared with your update will help move this agenda item along and make it exciting and helpful for the whole group. 

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