The Lock Feature, as the namesake implies, is a command inside each project that disables further project changes. 

Effectively, once the lock feature has been activated, it converts the entire project into a series of read-only web pages

This guarantees no viewer can accidentally change any aspect of a project, until the project owner has reversed their decision and unlocked the project. 

The Project Creator (owner) and the Team administrators can unlock a locked project.

Locked projects however can also be unlocked when they are cloned in the Project List page. Creating a copy will automatically unlock a project, and if you are not the original project owner, will also reassign ownership of the copied version to the user who created a copy. Firm appointed account administers also the ability to enter any account to lock and unlock any project. Use the lock feature today to save your project settings and results and always ensure your projects are not lost or left open prone to accidental changes.

The lock button is located on the Project Details page beside the Project Name and Number Input Bars, as shown below. 

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