Induction Unit:  Also known as the perimeter induction terminal. Induction units were invented to overcome the issues of large central duct risers and extensive branching to many diffusers. The unit consists of a fresh air damper, filter, a heating and cooling coil and a constant fan. Flow is set according to the occupancy. 

The Air Handling Unit (AHU) creates the primary air at the same temperature for the induction terminal. The primary air is passed through an array of nozzles in the terminal unit that creates a vacuum effect. The vacuum recirculates the air from the room through the terminal unit coil. The room air is mixed with the primary air and discharged into the room. 

Cove.tool supports Induction System (Induction Unit) with:

  1. Air Cooled Chiller / Gas Boiler.
  2. Water Cooled Chiller / Electric Boiler

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