Induction Systems cover an array of terminal devices that all utilize nozzles to generate high velocity air movement, which induces room air over coils. The coils provide additional heating or cooling by conditioning the induced air, then mixing with the primary air and delivering to the space. Traditional Induction Units do not include a local fan, however require high pressure from central AHU systems, consuming more energy than low pressure solutions. Active Chilled Beams are a modern use of induction technology and are able to operate at lower pressure thanks to several design advances. Both Induction Units and ACB do not include condensation drains like Fan Coil Unit. This limits the cooling capacity to only the sensible portion.

Diagrams of an Induction Unit (left) and Active Chilled Beam (right)

The key advantages are:

  • Requires less interstitial spaces compared to an all-air-system thanks to the use of induced room air
  • No local fans requiring additional maintenance and power use
  • Several configurations available including custom architectural enclosures

Key watch-its:

  • Caution is required when considering induction units in humid climates due to the need to keep the cooling coils dry (there is no condensation collection system)

cove.tool supports Induction System (Induction Unit) with:

  • Air Cooled Chiller / Gas Boiler
  • Water Cooled Chiller / Electric Boiler

For more information on modeling Chilled Beams see this article.

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