A Fan Coil Unit (FCU) is an in-room device that includes a filter, fan and coil. FCU can use either hydronic or direct expansion coils to provide cooling, heating, or both heating and cooling to a space. A FCU provides local control of temperature and humidity within the space served.

ASHRAE Systems and Equipment 2020 Diagram and photo of a FCU

A Fan Coil Unit system requires reduces ventilation air compared to an all-air-system. Ventilation air is typically delivered via a DOAS. The combination of FCU and DOAS is an energy efficient solution that should be considered for various building types.

The key advantages are:

  • Require less interstitial space compared to an all-air-system, thanks to the higher energy density per volume of water/refrigerant.
  • Provides individual zone temperature and humidity control.
  • Provide flexibility with many different configurations and sizes available.
  • Decouple space conditioning from ventilation air.

cove.tool supports FCUs with:
a. Water Cooled Chiller / Electric Boiler
b. Ground Source Heat Pump.
c. Air Cooled Chiller / Gas Boiler.

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Where are Fan Coil Unit System used?

Typical applications of FCU systems are hotels, apartments, offices and retail.

FCU are also popular in building retrofit due to their flexibility and reduced interstitial space requirements.

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