The Variable Air Volume (VAV) system uses outside air mixed with the return air at a central air handling unit and the air is heated or cooled depending on the needs of the space using chilled or heated water. The VAV system is typically very economical especially on a large scale. 

VAV systems are widely used for various types of buildings. Typically those buildings are large in volume that require individual temperature control. Few examples would be Arenas, Exhibition Halls, Theaters, Medium to large public office buildings and residential complexes.

Key strengths of VAV systems are:
a. The system is able to meet cooling loads without over or under sizing.
b. Variable air volume allows for smaller fan sizing producing energy savings.
c. Individual temperature control for different occupancy zones. 

  Cove.tool supports VAV systems with:
a. Water Cooled Chiller / Electric Boiler.
b. Ground Source Heat Pump.
c. Air Cooled Chiller / Gas Boiler.
d. Water Cooled Chiller / Gas Boiler.
e. Electric.

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