The basic concept of a Constant Air Volume (CAV) system is to use a constant air volume through the distribution system while heating or cooling the air to meet the space needs.

CAV systems can be used in several different applications depending on whether it is a single duct, reheat, or mixed air system. 

Single duct systems are good for areas that require little differences between spaces. For example, a warehouse setting would be good for a CAV since it is essentially one giant space that has one HVAC load to meet. These systems can also be found in some residential areas.

Reheat Systems are good for buildings with a single main space surrounded by smaller user specific spaces. For example, Reheat CAV would be great for a gymnasium with adjacent locker-rooms and offices. 

Mixed air systems can be appropriate for many different systems since there are mixing boxes at the different spaces. This makes Mixed Air CAV's suitable for office buildings, schools and similar structures. 

Cove.tool supports CAV's with:
a. Water Cooled Chiller / Electric Boiler
b. Air Cooled Chiller / Gas Boiler
c. Air Source Heat Pump
d. Water Source Heat Pump

Find out more about CAV's here.

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