Before starting this process. make sure you have read "Before Grasshopper" here:

Step 1. Use command “Grasshopper” to launch the Rhino plug-in. 

Step 2. Open the file you previously downloaded from our resource page or from 

Step 3. Inside the Grasshopper file, you will act in only 3 areas. 

  1. Fill-in the login and password panels, in order to connect your Rhino geometry with your cove.tool web profile and project. 
  2. Once logged-in, the project list will update to show your cove.tool project history. Using the number that identifies the project you want to import into, correct the project selector to select that project number you want. 
  3. Before beginning the import geometry process, right-click the grasshopper plane and select “LockSolver” so to not be slowed down by the computing process every time you import new data, by not using the LockSolver your grasshopper can freeze, crash, or take longer than usual to compute and update.

Read Part 2 Here:

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