Managing users and which projects they can access is done by an Owner or Administrator of your business.

All users should be added by following the steps below so that they are properly linked to your business. The cove.tool team can also bulk import users if a CSV list of email, first name, last name is provided.

Adding Users to your cove.tool account

  1. Go to Users on the top menu bar
  2. Click Invite User, fill out the email address, and click Invite
  3. Once the user accepts the invitation they will appear in the Users list

Editing Users Capabilities

    1.  Go to Users on the top menu bar
    2. Find the user in the Users list, click to expand, and click Edit
    3. Do one or more of the following and click Update:
        * Designate a user as an Administrator by clicking the checkbox next                                  to  “Administrator?”
        * Administrator Role includes the ability to manage account subscription and
           business details, all users, and view all projects. 

Giving Project Access

  1. Project sharing is available at the start of every project in the new Manage Team button, click to expand. 
  2. Give project access by adding team member emails. Existing users will receive immediate project access via email, and the project will be added to their project list. New users will receive invitation emails, and will gain project access after creating a cove.tool account.
  3.  Click update to save project team members.

Disabling Users

If a user no longer needs access to cove.tool or to free up a license, users can be permanently or temporarily disabled as follows:
     1. Go to Users on the top menu bar  
     2. Find the user in the Users list, click to expand, and click Disable
     3. On the confirmation page, click Yes to disable 

     Note: Users can be re-enabled at any time.

     4. Outside collaborators can be only be deleted, not disabled.

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